Barwood Gift Cards

Barwood Taxi will soon be offering Barwood gift cards for sale on this site. The minimum purchase is $50.00 with a first time setup fee of $2.50. The cards can be reloaded and you will be able to access your card activity and balance on this site. You will have the option to reload or recharge, cancel, report a card lost or stolen, and request a replacement. Any unused balance on a gift card cannot be refunded or applied to a charge account or credit card. Barwood gift cards can be swiped on the VeriFone PIM in the backseat of the taxi. When you place an order for a Barwood taxi, please inform our customer service agent that you are paying by credit card. This will ensure that you receive a Barwood Taxi with a VeriFone PIM where you can swipe your Barwood gift card in the backseat.

We will provide a link to purchase a Barwood gift card on this page in the near future.