Barwood Taxi offers two forms of advertising for local businesses.

Taxitop ads.

Barwood Taxitop advertisements are traveling billboards that capture the attention of travelers, pedestrians, visitors and residents of our community. Our taxis drive to the three major airports, pickup and drop off at hotels, convention centers and other important landmarks in the area. Your product or service will get noticed. Pricing is based on number of ads and the length of time you want the ad to be posted. Please submit your information in the form below to receive more information.

VeriFone video advertisements.

Barwood Taxi has 400 vehicles equipped with a VeriFone Passenger Information monitor installed in the back seat of taxicabs. Barwood Taxi transports over 5000 customers per day. The VeriFone PIM services three purposes: 1) convenient credit card processing for our customers; 2) entertainment for our customers; and 3) to provide advertising opportunities for local businesses and non-profits. If you are interested in receiving a quote to advertise your services or product, please submit your information in the form below and a representative from our sales team will contact you.

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